By Marianne Aalders – Catch52

Since the beginning of this year, we have been working hard to promote the Amsterdam lunch culture with the help of our sweet colleagues at Amsterdam FM. We do not enjoy too much of a delicious culinary lunch in Amsterdam, according to the people in Amsterdam’s catering industry. High time we will prove the opposite. So come out of your comfort zone, and treat your secretary or other nice colleague to an excellent business lunch!

Also at L’invité restaurant you can have a fine-lunch, in a way we are used to them: French classics with Dutch region products. When we see the menu, we are already looking forward to it. Of course we can not forget the small but nice L’invité restaurant on the Bloemgracht.

Other lunchtips in Amsterdam: Goldfinch Brasserie, Restaurant Bord’Eau, Hoofdstad Brasserie, Auberge Jean & Marie, John Dory Vistronomie, Gartine, Bistrot Neuf, Restaurant Halvemaan, Het Bosch, MOS Amsterdam, Dauphine, Restaurant L’invité, RIJKS, Daalder, Breda.

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