In the annals of Rembrandt stated that he rented in 1637 in a warehouse at the Bloemgracht studio space to accommodate his students. At the height of his career painter Rembrandt had approximately 25 students at work.

People believe that Rembrandt still had this workshop in 1658, but because of his bankruptcy, he had to leave the Rembrandt House at the Jodenbreestraat. With Titus, Hendrickje and little Cornelia he moved into a rented house on the Rozengracht.

The number of students was hugely diminished because the “market” now wanted a different style, due to ‘fine painters’ like Govert Flinck Rembrandt received fewer jobs. The last student who worked in the style of Rembrandt was Aert de Gelder, who could afford this because he was not without means from home.

Rembrandt painted his famous painting “The Night Watch” between 1639 and 1642.

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