The Bloemgracht has always been an inspiration for artists. Jürgen Leippert (1944) shows the Bloemgracht in the summer. The canal and floating boats show all its colors. 

With a stroke of paint too far, this work Leippert tends toward abstraction. An interesting and engaging twilight zone. The artist offers the art lovers plenty of space to enjoy a range of emotions and experiences.

The way to balance brute and wild. Played with many errors by the everlasting changing light. The torture of a perfectionist in an ever changing environment.

Jürgen Leippert was born in Stuttgart (Germany). He traveled a lot around between New York, Amsterdam and Berlin. Of these cities he regularly cityscapes. His works are characterized by their middle of the live stand. As Jurgen itself. The busier the greater the joy.

Also in terms of style is that. Jurgen’s work can best be described as an impressionist-expressionist which he uses strong colors, showing a lot of energy. Furthermore, paints Jurgen at the interface between figurative and abstract. That ensures that his paintings are never boring. There is always something to do or to fantasize.

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