duurzame wijngaard in Nederland

Wine Estate Bergen

In 2021 we planted a sustainable vineyard in Bergen, about 30 km north of Amsterdam. On this domain we combine organic viticulture with a culinary gastronomic food forest.

By investing in biodiversity and a rich soil life in the long term, we create a resilient domain where in the future we can not only produce our own wines, but also grow special products for the kitchen of L’invité.

Unique project

The special thing about the vineyard is that we do this together with our members. These are not only restaurant guests, but also wine lovers, vinologists, catering or even fellow winegrowers. Our members, about 500 in total, have participated in this project from the very beginning and will join us on this adventure for the next five years.

Together we watch the vines grow from rhizome to, hopefully, ultimately delicious wine. We share all the ‘secret’ vintner tricks and members are always welcome at the vineyard. To inspect their vines or to taste a grape.

Together we will discover in the coming years how we can develop the terroir of our vineyard and how we will eventually taste these flavors in our wines.

L'invité ontwikkelt duurzame wijngaard in Bergen

Sico de Moel

The idea

At L’invité we have been serving a selection of the best Dutch wines for years. Not only in Limburg, but also in the Achterhoek, Betuwe, North Holland and even in Friesland, really beautiful local wines are produced.

Because I have visited many vineyards myself and have good contact with the winegrowers, I can tell my guests more and more. As a result, I also get more and more detailed questions about viticulture in the Netherlands.

How nice would it be to experience the entire process yourself on a small-scale sustainable vineyard? To experience all the problems, setbacks and moments of happiness of the vineyard owner. To discover how the choices you make will result in the quality of your wine in the long run.

More and more guests of the restaurant I told about this plan wanted to join this adventure and asked me if they could participate.

This eventually led to our unique members-only vineyard in 2021.

Dutch wine

The quality of Dutch wines has improved by leaps and bounds over the past five years. This is not only due to changing climate.

Especially the increased international knowledge about viticulture in Northern areas and the experience of the first pioneering Dutch winegrowers have contributed to this quality improvement.

Because viticulture in the Netherlands is still relatively new, we can make optimal use of the latest sustainable grape varieties that have been developed in recent decades in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary, among others.

At Domein Bergen we have planted modern grape varieties: Cabernet cortis, Monarch, Laurot, Sauvitage, Muscaris and Souvignier gris.


members are planting their vines