During Christmas we offer, in addition to our Dutch Cuisine Tasting, also the special Christmas Tasting.

Your Dutch Cuisine Tasting is hereby extended with a beautiful Zeeland Oyster, a mini organic Dutch Cheese tasting and a few special Christmas dishes.

Christmas lunch€ 45
Christmas Tasting Menu€ 105
Dutch Cuisine Tasting€ 79
Sico L'invité Restaurant Amsterdam

Sico de Moel

“December is always warm and cozy at L’invité. Time to relax together and enjoy an extensive, romantic dinner with fine wines and special dishes.”

“In addition to the Sustainable Tasting of Dutch game, sustainable fish and local seasonal vegetables, L ‘invité offers the special Christmas Tasting in 11 small dishes.”

Modern Dutch Cuisine

Dutch game meat

Local game is on the menu at L’invité during winter season. Sustainable and local, you can taste the natural richness of nature. Beautiful wild duck and of course the Amsterdam Fallow deer.

Because these animals choose their own food you can taste much more complexity and richness in the taste of the meat.

Sustainable fish

As an ambassador for Chefs for Good Fish, L’invité always opts for sustainable fish on the menu. We look at sustainable fishing methods, the best season and we choose fish from our own region.

In the Special Christmas Tasting we work with sustainable Oysters from Zeeland, mackerel and brill from the North Sea.

Local vegetables

During Christmas we will gladly surprise you with a nice selection from Dutch biodiversity of winter vegetables. We choose among other things for kale, Brussels sprouts, Jerusalem artichoke and salsify.

The most beautiful winter vegetables is of course the chicory. The chicory has a long growing season, from April to October and is in top form during the Christmas season.


We prepare our dishes at L’invité with less fat, less sugar and less salt. Our products are light, nutritious and provide flavor richness.

Do not expect large pieces of meat, baked potatoes and thick creamy sauces in the tastings.

At L’invité, it’s all about tasting pure and local products.

Special requests & allergies

If you do not want or are not allowed to eat something from the tasting, please inform us in advance in the restaurant. You can also opt for a tasting without meat, without fish and entirely vegetarian. It is not necessary to choose per table. You can make a choice individually.

If you have an allergy, we ask you to report this in advance. The dishes will then be adjusted for you.

guest reviews

Inviting, tasteful and warm

We had a nice Christmas lunch with delicious dishes. Good composition and taste. A personal, fine service and an open atmosphere that invited people to talk to other tables.

Francine Moormann2017

Intimate and idyllic

The pleasant restaurant is decorated in Christmas in these days. Intimate and idyllic. The menu inspired by French cuisine is varied and rich in original combinations. Recommended.