Jordan heart of one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam you will find restaurant L’invité. Yes, that cool pop-up restaurant at the Jan Schaefferbrug SAIL two years ago. That was one of the most impressive pop-ups in recent years if you ask me.

As big as it was then, so is the intimate restaurant on the Bloemgracht. Owner Sico every evening of your host and provides a warm welcome. But he is also the mastermind behind the dishes served, which you see coming back many local and organic products. The best thing is to take the extensive tasting of as many as seven courses. Trust me, the small dishes so not too much. During the tasting, you get a very diverse menu with dishes such as razor blades with sweet and sour fennel on hay smoked mackerel, quail with black pudding and cloves and a private version of the crème brulée. Very varied and if you choose the wines recommended by the food then you really quite complete culinary experience.

Now the outdoor season is officially open, you can also find at lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at tables canal. This obviously applies to the dinner. Let the warm spring and summer nights begin!

Source: Amsterdam Culinary Blog Catch52

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