by Frank Scheers on Amsterdam Today.

In Amsterdam and many fine restaurants. Enough choice. Every kind of food is available in the culinary Amsterdam. But if you want a beautiful atmosphere in the middle of the Jordan, dine in a pleasant way, which is always freshly prepared in an astonishing and inventive combination, it is a must to dine at L’invité.

Chef-owner Sico de Moel, performs a modern kitchen where the French classics in surprising and contemporary manner prepared with local products and many local organic vegetables. He serves as example forgotten vegetable salsify and Soester tuber.

The tasting can be accompanied by an extensive wine pairing, which Sico de Moel the best wines matched each dish. This puts the elegant flavors of expertly and freshly prepared food even more justice.

read the full review in Dutch: Amsterdam Today, 27 maart 2017

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